Monday, September 26, 2011

A's Hair Updates

A has been wearing lots of two strand twists, twist outs and just out styles lately. Nothing too special but I wanted to give a quick update. She will be going back to protective styles very soon! :)

Basic two strand twists in the picture above. She had been playing in the water so they are wet. I used Lil Better Butter (review soon).

She wore a high bun (no filler) so the Hispanic Festival. I wrapped the braid with ribbon (came with her outfit) around her bun and pinned it. I used Kinky Curly Curling Custard to slick the bun down.

We met some readers of our blog, aren't they fab?!

I tried a new product in the picture above. I gave her some quick cornrows going half back and she wore a braid out from 4 large braids.

Wearing her hair all out.

This is a twist out using Curls Whipped Cream. I think she had close to 30 twists in overnight for this look,

This is what her twist out looked like when I picked her up (I had to change her for gym). Not too bad but definitely not as defined as it was. I think it had a lot to do with her playing outside and going to gym. I will try this again before our full review.

So there you have it! How has your child been wearing their hair lately?


  1. Those twists in the first picture are just soooo delicious looking lol! Her hair looks amazing! Thanks for the update!

  2. Right now Nene has mini twists in. I think her hair is way too soft to keep them in for 3 wks as planned and will probably be taken out before the 2 wk mark. Mainly since her hair keeps untwisting and keeps trying to lock. So out the go! I had them once before with rubberbands at the roots at the lasted a *lot* longer.

  3. Thanks for the updates!! Her hair looks amazing in every picture!!! When you do a twist out for school, how many days can she wear the twist out to school? I wish I had your talent in the hair dept!! My girls have been wearing their usual ponyails and pigtails :(.

  4. Her hair looks fantastic in all the pics. U are very talented I just love ur blog u have helped me help my daughter's hair so much (",) I love how u always have A looking so stylish with all her outfits and coordinated with her accessories.

  5. Miss A is too cute!! Her hair is gorgeous as always. I see that you're enjoying your new camera!

  6. I so so so Love A's hair!! It is gorgeous! Btw where do you get all the cute outfits from? I love how styling A always looks!

  7. Pretty hairstyles and love the outfits. I've been trying to slow down on my shopping (daughter has way too many clothes) but you make it very hard. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've got a question: does your daughter's hair become tangled after wearing it out curly? If not, do you do something to keep it from tangling? I use the KC on my daughter's hair when she wears it out but I almost always have to do a lot of detangling after she wears it out curly for a few days. I appreciate any advice you may have.


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