Sunday, January 18, 2015

6 Tips for Healthy Natural Hair Growth (Part Three!)

In our final post of this three-part-series we are going to discuss proper detangling and the use of excessive heat. If you missed the previous tips, you can check out part one here, and part two here

Tip #5: Proper Detangling

Proper detangling is crucial when it comes to retaining length. The best thing you can do for your child’s hair is to finger detangle before a comb or brush ever reaches those curly tresses. After washing your child’s hair, you will add your conditioner of choice (hopefully one with lots of slip!). You will begin with small sections by gently running your fingers through your child’s hair, feeling for any small knots. Gently remove them. Once you are finished finger detangling one section, you can use your wide tooth comb or Denman brush. Be sure to always start from the ends, working your way up until that section is completely detangled. Braid or twist the section and move on to the next. Never comb or brush your child’s dry hair unless it has already been completely detangled and stretched (see banding), be sure to use a moisturizer.

Tip #6: Avoid Heat

You’d be surprised at how often people are using heat on their child’s hair. Many parents and caregivers tell me they like to blow dry their child’s hair before styling. Not only does heat weaken the hair shaft, especially if proper heat protectant is not being used, but there’s a big risk with permanently damaging your child’s curl pattern. Once this is done, the damage cannot be reversed unless the heat damaged hair is cut off.  Blowdrying before styling is an unnecessary step that can easily be achieved by banding. Banding is a way to stretch the hair without the use of heat. If you must use heat, make sure you go about it the right way. Check out this post and this post for flat ironing tips.

I hope you have enjoyed this three-part series on how you can help your child grow long, healthy natural hair. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting long, Rapunzel-like hair, try not to put too much emphasis on length as it could create a complex in your little one’s mind. Be mindful of what your child wants and talk to your child about healthy hair care habits. It’s never too early to learn about caring for those beautiful locks, no matter what the length.

You can read all about Miss A's hair care routine by clicking here

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