Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Girls Natural Twist Out - Step-by-step Instructions

Miss A's older cousin, Ky

Twist outs look great on all natural hair types and are absolutely adorable on little girls! I put together a quick picture tutorial for beginners. Hope it helps!

  • Start with washed and detangled hair. I decided to go the extra step and band Ky's hair as well just to give it a little length.
  • Part about a two inch section of hair with your fingers and add about a quarter size amount of your choice of product. I used Bee Mine Curly Butter on Ky's two strand twists. Don't worry about the white color showing up, it's from the product and it will fade away shortly. 

You can use code BBBSPRING for 10% off your Bee Mine Products purchase! :)

  • Split the section of hair into two even pieces.

  • Using both hands, begin twisting 1 section over the other. Continue this process until you get all the way to the end.

  • Once you reach the end of the two strand twist, roll the ends in one direction multiple times to make sure the twist does not come loose. This may not work on very thin/fine hair types. If your child's hair cannot hold a two strand twist by itself, you may need to use an ouchless ponytail holder.

Half way done!

I prefer keeping twists in overnight for best results but we didn't have much time so I took Ky's twists out after about 1 hour.

Ky loved the results! You can check out her sister Lil Bit's style with step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

Here's an older twist out I did on Ky last year.
You can view this full post with more details by clicking here.

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