Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reader Mail! "Just an appreciation for your website"

Crystal's girls
I just received this email from a reader, Crystal. I absolutely love it and had to share. Her girls are complete dolls! :)

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Hi my name is Crystal, I have two daughters (6&8) both with natural hair. I do not know their type but to me it's a headache. In the pictures I sent, you can see the various styles I try on their heads n this is just a few. Every summer I give them braids w/beads because it's easier and less maintenance and they r on a swim team so its easier for the pool. During the school year it's mainly ponytails ranging from 1-20. I do their hair every morning. I have been searching for the right hair products since their age of 2. Looking for the right grease that does not dry out the hair, shampoo that does not leave the hair in a tangled mess, and the right kind of moisturizer that will keep their natural curls for the day at least. 
I am soooo happy that I found your website that can guide me in the right direction for not only my girls hair but mine too. (Now I can stop asking people on the street 20 questions about their hair) :-) Thank you so much for your concerns for others and their hair. 


  1. I have to agree with this reader. I just found your blog and am using the pictures to show my 7 year old daughter how beautiful her natural hair is. She is mixed race like me, but her hair is much curlier than mine. I usually style her hair in twists, twist outs and braids. I cannot do cornrows, but am going to try using the site you link to. Using your tips I am learning how to keep her hair healthy and moisturized so it will grow.
    Right now her hair is flat ironed because she wanted to have it straight, and I see a big difference in her demeanor. Earlier she said she wished she could keep it straight. Well, when I heard that I had her sit at my laptop and look at all of your lovely pictures. Now she wants me to wash it out so it can be curly again! Thanks for that!!!!!

  2. That is such a sweet letter. The girls are so pretty!!!


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