Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seriously Cute Curly Haired Dolls!

After posting the Open Letter to American Girl I thought it was only right to create this post. Most of these were brought to my attention but I had to share them with you all.

First up we have Girls 18 inch Soft-Bodied Doll - Taryn. She is on sale for $19.99 and she IS sold in stores so call your local Toys R Us. One of our Facebook friends (Cheryl) brought to my attention that that you can buy extras to go with Taryn from cars to beds to new outfits.

Next, we have Heart 4 Hearts Rahel from Ethiopia. You can purchase her for $24.99 at Target. I know another Facebook friend bought her from Amazon.

Avon has this adorable doll named Shelia on sale for $39.99. They also have the adorable jacket and shoes for your little girl to match.

Target carries this Barbie Doll for $20. She is currently sold out online but I saw her in stores so call your local Target.

Lets not forget about the two Barbie dolls I bought A a while back. You can find these at Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. Prices range from $20-$45

If you're into collecting Barbies I highly recommend checking out The Byron Lars Collection. He makes gorgeous dolls. Google his name to see more of his work, I'll post a couple below. Most of his dolls are sold out but you can find them on websites like Ebay.

I recently saw Pretty Puff Dolls on Afro Puffs and Ponytails. These dolls cost about $25, Check out their website for more choices.

Kartio Kids carries this gorgeous doll, "LuLu from Kenya". She's a little more on the expensive side, $100.

I also recommend checking out the list of dolls Happy Girl Hair posted a while back. Happy Shopping!

If you have any other dolls to add to the list please feel free to do so!


  1. I like these dolls much better. The hair textures are much more realistic.

  2. yes i work at toys r us part time and i love the journeu doll when i first seen her i was like oh i so have to buy her and she comes with the cutest accessorires and clothes.!

  3. Here is another:

  4. You should also check out Prodigyrls (www.prodigyrls.com). Their dolls have realistic hair and features and promote specific talents. My niece loves hers - the chef!

  5. Some of the Manhattan Toys Groovy Girls also have hair that has texture (it's still just yarn, but it's definitely not straight and flat or just wavy):

  6. these dolls are too cute! love the hair textures as well ... really makes a difference when curly/kinky hair types are included!

  7. I got my daughter this baby doll for Christmas.


  8. I would second MrsKeepUp's suggestion. My daughter loves this doll and you can wash and restyle it:

  9. I just got a magazine in the mail from "My Twin." They create dolls to look as close to your daughter as possible. It's very similar to American Girl. Most of all they have curly or kinky straight option. Website is www.mytwin.com Enjoy

  10. Great selection. I was eyeballing the one that Avon offers over the weekend, lol. I am loving Taryn doll though!

  11. These dolls are gorgeous! I'm going to get my niece the one at the top with the jean skirt.

  12. I follow BBB and the leave in and the T-shirt would be for my 8 year old daughter. She will be coming home from Ethiopia in a few weeks. Praise Jesus!

  13. You should send AG a link to this blog entry. LOL!

    Family Christian sold a doll with tight curls similar to these dolls that I bought my daughter a couple of years ago. She's a gorgeous doll, but I could not find her on their website this year. I will try to remember the name of the doll line and see if I can link it.

  14. Aha! I did find her - the doll line is Faith and Friends: http://www.faithandfriends.com/faf-berrystylish.html

    My daughter ruined this poor doll's hair though, but she still plays with her. I'm going to try and "fix" her hair during winter break while I have some extra time.


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